Top 5 Cyborg Players in the History of Football

Footballers, like all celebrities, are frequently dismissed as pawns who engage in a single activity: kicking a ball around on a green grass field. Certainly not as persons who are capable of feeling sentiments and emotions, as opposed to those who witness them from a sofa or a grandstand. Some gamers, on the other hand, don't seem to be human, don't seem to feel emotions, and don't appear to have flaws. If they fall, they get up, if they are insulted, they don't respond, and if they are injured, they don't seem to mind and continue to play. I've gathered five scenes featuring five different characters.

4. Ibrahimovic, 36, recovers in 7 months after breaking the Crusader

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No longer young, or at least not very young, at 36. We're approaching adulthood, with a career and possibly a family. Sports activity is reduced to a game of five-a-side football with friends, a few runs, and maybe a trip to the gym. For regular people. 

Ibra, on the other hand, has elected to return to Manchester United after a career spanning more than fifteen years, full of triumphs and million-dollar contracts, and with multiple offers from the United States on the table, recovering from a Crusader rupture in seven months.

In 2017, the Swedish striker played fifteen minutes in the Red Devils' encounter against Newcastle, returning to the pitch for the first time since April. A medical specialist weighed in, claiming that Ibra would have anticipated the times, risking a short-term relapse. Milik and Florenzi recently found themselves in a similar situation: having returned from a ruptured cruciate ligament, they sustained the same injury. Who knows whether Zlatan may relapse, potentially ending his career prematurely. 

On his side, he possesses a strength that the physicians who treated him described as "impossible for a player in business for twenty years," at least in Raiola's words. In the meantime, adhering to the facts, it becomes evident that Zlatan possesses a heavenly quality that enables him to control his body as if he were ten years younger.

3. Nainggolan dominated the game despite being on painkillers

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We'd always known Nainggolan was a tough cookie. Since arriving in Rome, he has always projected this image of himself, both on and off the field, with his tattoos, crest, and battle declarations. When judging this type of player, it's impossible to know what the limit is beyond which they won't be able to push.

He did, however, sustain a minor injury while playing with his teammates. Not too bad, but significant enough to prevent, at the very least, a human player from playing in his club team's final game. The derby, though, was a happy coincidence. Is it possible that someone like him will miss the capital's most important challenge? Nainggolan, who was loaded with painkillers, walked onto the pitch as if nothing had occurred. 

The point is that the Belgian dominated the game, scoring the game's only goal and being one of the top players on the field in both phases. A classic Nainggolan all-out game, which makes sense when he's on the healthy pitch but begs various questions about the Ninja's true nature. If you look closely, it could be a Saiyan warrior that arrived on our world aboard a spacecraft.

2. Gattuso plays 80 minutes with a crusader that is broken

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Going back a few years, Gennaro Gattuso is one of the most tenacious players in the game. Not surprisingly, he was known as "Ringhio." Gattuso was crucial to Ancelotti's AC Milan during their prime. So much so that he stayed on the pitch for 80 minutes with a broken crusader in a match against Catania in 2008.

In actuality, Ancelotti did not want him to stay on the field injured, and the player claimed not to have noticed it at the time since he was caught up in the excitement of the game. Dr. Martens, who operated on him, was taken aback when he received the news.

Indeed, this injury is normally associated with images of players being carried out on a stretcher, not with robotic beings fighting on the green lawn for nearly the entire match on one leg. Gattuso's mentality was simple: if you don't think you're hurt, you probably aren't. 

He was on the verge of bending reality to his will, of healing himself just by willpower. As a result, he could be compared to a sorcerer, a visionary who can transform events with the power of his thoughts, rather than a man.

1. Ronaldo wakes up every 90 minutes during the night

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The comparison of Cristiano Ronaldo to a robot is wildly exaggerated. Indeed, a player who has long emphasized the importance of the body cult lends himself well to this comparison. The Portuguese, on the other hand, never cease to amaze.

The cryotherapy machine, which allows him to recuperate after significant exertion, was insufficient, so he had to supplement his sessions in the aforementioned equipment, which brings the temperature to -200 degrees. No, CR7 has also found it necessary to manage his sleep in a manic manner. 

Based on his physical characteristics, a specialist devised a specific plan for him. The Real Madrid striker must wake up every ninety minutes, breaking his hours into five phases with his eyes closed.

He also has to sleep in a fetal posture and on new bedding all of the time. Imagine a regular guy doing this: you'd think he's a knucklehead. As a result, Cristiano manages to turn one of the day's dead periods into a productive one, allowing him to perform at his peak whenever he hits the field. 

A man who analyzes every aspect of his life through the lens of something, in this case, football. As a result, CR7 can be compared to an engine that runs solely on one type of fuel: the one produced when a ball rolls over a field.

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