Top 10 Football Players with Most Effective Shot

There have been many powerful players throughout history, and it's likely that someone shot even more furiously than the ones that will be listed here, but we'll never know. 

Times have clearly changed, and today there are tools for monitoring the speed of the shot as well as the materials, consistency, and weight of the balls

10. Anthony Yeboah 

Photo: transfermarkt

He is number ten on the list. With his Leeds team, the Ghanaian striker attained a speed of 153.85 km/h in 1995.

9. Ritchie Humphreys 

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He is a retired English midfielder who currently plays for Chesterfield in the English National League. He hit a 154.2 km/h shot in 1996 while playing football for Sheffield Wednesday.

8. David Trezeguet

Photo: thesefootballtimes

Juventus player even in Serie B and scorer of the goal that sanctioned the swift defeat at the 2000 European Championships. 155.3% of the time, the speed is 154.3 km/h.

7. David Beckham

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But it was with a thunderous shot at the start of his career that he made a name for himself. In 1997, while still a Manchester United footballer, he achieved a top speed of 157.5 km/h.

6. David Hirst

Photo: worldfootball

Those who follow football know that football on the other side of the Channel is more physical and forceful, so seeing so many English players in this ranking is not surprising. 

So it's not surprising to come across obscure names like striker David Hirst, who shot a 183 km/h missile while playing football for Sheffield Wednesday in 1996.

5. Ronald Koeman

Photo: fcbarcelona

Those born in the previous century expected to see this name in the top three, but it appears that someone has a stronger shot than he does. He hit 188 km/h with a shot while playing for Barcelona in 1992.

4. Steven Reid

Photo: theguardian

Another semi-unknown behind the podium was Steven Reid, an Irish midfielder who shot with a speed of 188.9 km/h in 2005 while playing for Blackburn Rovers.

3. Arjen Robben

Photo: eurosport

Arjen Robben, the Dutch tightrope walker for Bayern Munich, is unexpectedly found on the bottom step of the podium. He was noticed for a blast of 189.9 km/h in 2009 when he still had his hair and was a galactico.

2. Ronny Heberson

Photo: sportskeeda

Ronny Heberson, a Brazilian defensive midfielder who set a personal best of 210.6 km/h in his debut season with Sporting Lisbon in 2006.

1. Jimmy Floyd Hasseilbaink

Photo: skysports

The former Dutch striker is first, and he has two tree trunks instead of legs, which explains his dominance. He hurled a 230km/h stone in 2006, when he was a Middlesbrough player.

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