Top 10 Most Terrible Teams in La Liga Ever

10. Celta Vigo (1985-86)

Celta de Vigo had a depressing season three decades after dropping with a little higher average (0.56). The season started well, with goals at the always difficult Atotxa pitch on the fourth day, giving them their first win, and on the eighth, against Osasuna, the second club, allowing them to escape the relegation zone. Until Matchday 20, when they won their fourth match of the season, their glorious journey continued.

They only managed to win one game in the next fourteen days, the league's penultimate meeting against Las Palmas, and a draw in the other. Naturally, the point came against the team that would subsequently finish second in LaLiga at the Camp Nou.

9. Osasuna (2016-17) 

In a league dominated by two of the best clubs and players of all time, Osasuna 2016-17 is considerably more recent in history. They were fortunate because there was another squad that year that did even worse.

8. Arenas de Getxo (1934-35) 

Arenas de Getxo is one of just three teams in Spanish football history that have never returned to the First Division. He was the category's longest-serving player, with a maximum of seven continuous seasons and they would have had to relegate him in the sixth. After 13 points in 18 games, the competition was expanded to 12 teams, allowing Arenas to stay in the gold division of Spanish football for another year.

The Biscay team may have learned from last year's mistakes and is off to a better start this season. However, in the last few days, they had to battle for their lives. After a goalless draw against Betis, they would earn their final point.

The following day, they were knocked to their knees (0-1) by a goal in the 87th minute against Real Sociedad. It was a direct encounter, and as a result, it had a significant impact on the team's morale; seven more defeats would follow before the championship was completed.

7. Córdoba (2014-15)

Only Osasuna and Osasuna are among the teams in this century's ranking. Córdoba has made a comeback to "Primera" for the first time since the 1970s, having made the playoffs with a shaky, defensive squad. 

The start had been rough, with several draws and no victories, necessitating a bench change. Djukic joined and appeared to breathe new energy into the team Ferrer was coaching.

On matchday 19, they drew with Eibar, another freshly promoted team, to finish the first leg with 18 points, an average of nearly one point per game, which would have assured them a place in the category with the worst saving record in contemporary football history (35).

In the end, a season that didn't appear to be going badly turned out to be a disaster, with the worst average points of 97-98. 

6. Elche (1988-89)

Elche had had a poor reception from the top of Spanish football before returning to Primera a few years ago. Four victories in 38 days were insufficient to keep the title. These four triumphs were followed by seven draws.

They had already won two games by matchday six, against Murcia and Athletic Bilbao. 

After that, they didn't experience victory again until the second round, on matchday 20. They won their last game of the season against Murcia at the age of 22. After three draws and thirteen losses, Segunda was relegated.

5. Real Betis (1942-43)

As the third Andalusian club in the standings, we made it into the Top 5. Real Betis Balompié had a two-win and six-draw start to the 1942-43 season. 

Those were difficult years, in the midst of the postwar era, which explains why the first victory came against a Real Madrid team that would have ended in 10th place in the league that year. The other victory came very immediately after the return, at Seville, against Athletic Bilbao, Spain's champion at the time.

4. Castellón (1981-82) 

Castellón, a team that has had better years and even reached the Copa del Rey final in 1972-73, is close to the podium. After a start that included two draws in nine days, fans had to wait ten days for the first triumph in the 1981-82 season, which had already prophesied the championship finale.

A goal by Amorrortu -Zaragoza- on his own goal in the final part of the match gave the first joy to the fans of the Castellón team. Later, they would only win in Las Palmas and at home against Atlético, with a clear and strong 3-0 advantage, putting them at the bottom of the table. Three victories and six draws bring the year to a close.

3. Celta Vigo (1943-44)

Let's travel back to the hard 1940s, when we first encountered Celta. Vigo's team is on the podium for one of those relegations that, because of the passage of time, are barely remembered even by Spaniards. In 26 games, they won two, drew five, and lost one.

It hadn't been nearly a year since Betis was the protagonist of the aforementioned slide. The Vigo club fared much worse, finishing one point below Verdiblanco. 

Surprisingly, the celestial team's two victories came against the same opponents that Betis had defeated a year before: Real Madrid and Athletic, two teams that did not fare well in that championship.

2. Logroñés (1994-95)

Logroés' first trip to Primera lasted only a few months. They avoided relegation until the final matchday of the 93-94 season, but everything went wrong a year later. They did not know they had won until the last day of the first leg, when they overcame Celta at home, after starting the season with a 0 to 0 against Betis that would have been the season's great revelation.

The only victory they would have had in front of their home crowd at the legendary Estadio Las Gaunas would have had to wait until matchday 32 of the championship, when they beat Tenerife 4-2 in a rare performance by a team that scored three goals in ten minutes after not scoring a single goal for five days at home. 

Two victories, seven ties, and 27 defeats. Only 15 goals were scored in their favor, while 79 were scored against them. All of this, however, was in vain for the first position.

1. Sporting de Gijón (1997-98) 

Sporting de Gijón opted to do even worse and take the lead just four seasons after the Logroés catastrophe.

The first point came against Valladolid on matchday seven. That would have been enough for the fans to realize that they were about to embark on the club's most disgraceful season in its history. Only three points had been earned by the Asturias club by matchday 23. There have been three ties and twenty losses, with two clear doubts regarding them.

Sporting would go on to win 10 points in the next nine days against all odds, with three consecutive games leaving clean sheets, two draws, and one win. Their two victories were a 2-1 win over Racing Santander on matchday 24 and a 1-0 win over Espanyol on matchday 32, though they would have been terrifying on more famous platforms, like San Mamés, when a goal from Urzaiz kept Bilbao second in the standings from losing.

On matchday 37, Sporting would have finished the year with five fresh defeats and a draw to demonstrate that they strived to score as many points as possible until the end. In the end, he scored 13 points, giving him the dismal record of being the only team that has yet to cross the wind barrier, though that victory was only three points away.

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