The Most Hated Footballers in Recent Years

Footballers who have piqued our dislikes are listed below.

Mauro Icardi

Photo: theguardian

Icardi first fought with the Inter corner, then with the entire Inter fan base, and finally with the entire Inter fan base. The agent, who is also Icardi's wife, is involved in the new feud, and the only thing Mauro Icardi can be accused of is not distancing himself from his public words and stalling when the firm penalized him by removing his captain's armband. Has society acted too harshly? Should Wanda Nara be fired by Icardi? To get divorced? It makes no difference because Icardi is now in Paris, where no one dislikes him.

Karim Benzema

Photo: sportingnews

Many people dislike Benzema. Valbuena, on the other hand, would gladly shake his hand. In reality, Benzema is despised by the French establishment, beginning with the Federation's president, who just a few weeks ago slammed the door in the face of the national team.

A significant portion of the French people dislikes him, or what he represents. Imagine if we are willing to forgive a footballer who not only does not liberate himself from his context of origin but also appears to behave like a coerced.



Photo: dailysabah

No one manages to condense as many attributes of a despised footballer as Neymar: being known for simulation, the desire for money, a significant lack of enthusiasm for competitiveness, a naughty and impractical playing style, an obsession with hairdo maintenance, and an obnoxious demeanor toward everyone, especially teammates.

Above all, in the eyes of the public, Neymar is guilty of possessing an incredible heavenly skill while also showing little enthusiasm in putting it to use as we would like. Neymar does not appear to be concerned with competitiveness, trophy achievements, or anything else that we think to be important in determining a sportsman's worth. We find Neymar's light attitude to football intolerable, as it is a lightness that is always capricious and in a star-like manner.

And it's only natural that we reached the zenith of our animosity for Neymar at the 2018 World Cup, as his football shrank to its most convoluted form, reduced to a nerve-wracking battle with defenders and referees. 

Seeing Neymar in that World Cup was a once-in-a-lifetime experience: every time he touched the ball, something dramatic occurred. An exasperated scorer's hard foul, an irreverent dribble, a skit, a number for its own sake. He was the dark side of Neymar, and that's something we can't stand in football.

Sergio Ramos

Photo: therealchamps

The player has the most yellow and red cards in Real Madrid and Spain's history, including La Liga and the Champions League. In individual duels, readings, with the ball and chain, and with the head, he has been one of the most formidable defenders of the last two decades. But he's also an asshole like few others, who is concerned not only with playing well but also with leaving a mark on his opponents' bodies and souls. 

Going beyond ordinary aggression, that is, being dreaded by the players, and becoming the focus of all his opponents' attention. Sergio Ramos could easily do without his more violent side, despite his technical abilities.

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